Getting Stoned (holistically speaking)

Getting Stoned (holistically speaking)

Would you consider yourself a person of faith? I know many people who would say “no” as they associate faith only with Religion. I suspect if you look a little deeper, as I did this week, you may discover some hidden away.

There is a spiritual and holistic centre in my home town and every time I pass the trinkets adorning the window displays always catch my eye. I thought it was about time I ventured in. Called The Enchanted Oak it evokes memories of the Enid Blyton books I read as a child. Images of a majestic oak tree, deeply grounded and protective of those sheltered by its branches.
I browsed open minded at the trays of beautiful stones, not really knowing what I was looking at. Every tray was different with stones that were brightly coloured, plain and understated, smooth to the touch, rustic, sparkling or layered with many colours. It’s hard to believe the earth produces them naturally. Tall glass cabinets showcased the larger rocks. Many were in a more natural form and appeared to me to have just been plucked from the mine, others were smoothly shaped into hearts or pendants. A stunning piece of Amethyst was brought to my attention and I learned how Amethyst is an “all-purpose” stone which encourages emotional and spiritual balance. This piece was jagged and complex containing a reservoir of water deep inside, within it a tiny bubble like a spirit level for your soul.
I was guided by a friend who knows me well (and also knows her crystals), I had been sharing with her the defences I build when it comes to relationships. I can be quick to withdraw when times get tough and my first instinct is always to protect my heart. Even in a long term relationship (which I am in) it often feels like those first few months when the thought of letting yourself love completely fills you with fear. Armed with this knowledge I was directed towards various stones with properties to assist me. I picked up a few and looked at the shapes and colours but one caught my eye; a smooth wedge of Rhodonite. I knew little about it but held it in my palm as I perused the other displays.

The key to my heart!

Just a few minutes later I had to stop my friend and confess I was feeling a little odd. I am always open minded, with a healthy amount of cynicism, but my hand containing the Rhodonite felt heavy and my heart felt alive with static electricity. I took a second to stand back, did I really feel this way? was it just because I wanted to believe in something? Nope, it was real, flutters in my heart and, almost, a shortness of breath.
I approached the lady working in the store and flippantly asked “This rock makes me feel weird! What does that mean?” She was a short lady with a soft, welcoming face. Her right wrist adorned with crystal bracelets of every kind; I felt sure she must be indestructible!
Coming around the desk she enquired “Good weird? or bad weird?”
I explained my symptoms and opened my hand to show her my “kryptonite”. Her smile broadened as her eyes lit up knowingly. “Here we go”, I thought.
“Ah yes, Rhodonite, this is for your heart chakra. If you have any defences up or are closed to love this will be breaking down your barriers to open your heart”
Well that had hit the nail on the head!
“How much do you have in stock?……I’ll be needing all of it!” I half joked.
SOLD!, for only £1 I didn’t feel it was a risky investment. I kept it on my person over the next few days and it brought me level of comfort. I felt a sense of ease where I had previously felt tension. Who knows if it was the Rhodonite or, perhaps, because in that moment I felt that someone understood me and this stone was a talisman of that security.

To quote an 80’s pop star sometimes we just gotta have faith. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a God, a spirit, an angel, a person or a crystal. If it provides you with a hammock in which you can lay, supported and safe, then use it. It may be for just a moment or it may be for a lifetime but don’t be afraid to embrace something new or unknown; it just might guide you to where you need to be.


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