GBBO (The Great British Baking Olympics)

GBBO (The Great British Baking Olympics)

Olympics, Shmolympics; the real competition starts here people! GBBO (The Great British Bake Off) is returning this week, like the old friend you rarely see but as soon as you get together it’s like you’ve never been apart. Seeing the white tent standing proud as the plucky theme tune fills my lounge fills me with fond anticipation. You may think me strange but there are certain GBBO rituals I like to adhere to:

– All chores must be done; washing up, dog fed, feet up – no distractions
– Don’t talk to me……unless the sentence involves the words “tea” and “would you like another cup of…”
– Tea must be brewed and accompanied by a slice of something appropriate (ideally co-ordinated to the bake of the week)
– Yes I have sky + but I don’t want to pause it, rewind it or skip any of it, there’s no need when there are no Ad breaks….it’s on the BBC for a reason (and there it should remain I might add).

So our bakers will make their pilgrimage to the hallowed tent and our journey begins. A quintessential British institution where we can enjoy watching everyday people trying to achieve baking perfection, us Brits love an underdog so the more incapable they are the more endeared we are to them. Like poor Dorret whose black forest gateau mousse oozed through her fingers and slid off the plate. We all felt her pain as she exclaimed “It’s not just a cake”

When they are not tugging at our heart strings the contestants never fail to deliver a drama. Who needs Eastenders or Corrie when GBBO tackles hard hitting controversy such as using the wrong custard or removing someone’s ice cream from the freezer!!! *gasp*

Thankfully Mel & Sue are on hand with words of wisdom and comfort. Like the naughty Aunts we all wish we had their charm and cheek lighten every drama. They have, in my opinion, the best job in the business. Without the pressure of the contestants or the responsibility of the judges they still get to sample all the delights on offer for, well, no real reason other than they want to! I’d be interested in their post GBBO fitness plan that’s for sure.

Presiding over all are our judges never letting us down by plucking obscure baking challenges from around the globe. That knowing glint in Paul’s eye as he swaggers around the tent. I can’t help but forgive his arrogance……have you seen those hands knead dough??!! Every bad cop needs a good cop and the lovely Mary Berry obliges, even with the worst bakes you can see her trying to find the positive. She is a national treasure, not to mention a fashion icon so what colourful ensembles will she be treating us to this year I wonder?

Served up with a large dollop of double entendre I can’t help but wonder if global viewers pickup on this very British wit. It all started with soggy bottoms and by series 6 we had people with uneven balls and a lesson on how to fan plums!! *blush*

I’m not always one to be patriotic but The Great British Bake Off fills me with British pride and hopefully this year’s clan: including a nurse, a pastor, an aerospace engineers and a selection of teachers won’t let us down. So grab a cuppa, get comfy and ready, steady, BAKE!


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