Daily Prompt: Candle

Daily Prompt: Candle

via Daily Prompt: Candle

There is something reassuring about the simplicity of a candle. In this day and age we have digital media replacing CD’s & DVD’s, Kindles replacing books and virtual friends replacing human contact it’s amazing to think that in the UK we spent approx. £78M on candle products last year! we are obviously not relying on candle light to reduce our electricity bills so what is the hook that keeps us waxing lyrical?

I love the warmth a candle can provide, whether sat around a dinner table or curled up reading a book. The flickering glow gives the space life rather than a clinical, static light bulb. Radiating a peaceful energy it calms you, reminds you to breath and quiet a busy mind. This makes candlelight perfect for Yoga practice or meditation.

Whether scented or not there is a distinct fragrance you get from a candle that cannot be replicated by a plug in or pump action freshener. A subtle waft of wax and fresh linen, summer nights or Christmas spice. You can transform your surroundings with the spark of a match and the flicker of a flame. Extinguished with the lick of a finger, a pinch and sizzle before the reassuring smell of carbon.

If not purchased for yourself they are so often brought for others. Gift sets and tea lights, wax burners or candle jars. You can even get candles containing hidden gems. Don’t dismiss candles as an “easy gift” as you are not just buying someone wax & wick. You buy them warmth and comfort, an ambience to relax in and a reason to stop and breath.

Modern inventions are wonderful and we live in an age where it all moves to quickly. Our hectic lives crave speed and convenience but our physical selves can’t always keep up. Perhaps every now and again we need to step back and enjoy a paperback by candlelight.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Candle

  1. What a beautiful post. I’m sitting here with a tee-light in a salt-lamp which is casting a beautiful apricot glow into the room. Plus I have a wax melt of Spiced Apple melting. A proper Autumn evening inside 🙂


    1. Ah thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed. I love salt lamps, they give such a distinctive glow. You might enjoy my post “A Change is gonna come” where I talk about the autumn nights drawing in and the concept of Hygge.
      Have a lovely day and thank you for checking out my post

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