Missing: The Disappearance of Chelsea Bun

Missing: The Disappearance of Chelsea Bun

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When I was at school I used to see Chelsea Bun every day. Warm and curvaceous she stood out amongst the other sweet treats on offer in the canteen. One of our dinner ladies even nick named me Chelsea after my addiction to this baked delight. Not for the light of appetite she does not leave you wanting, filling you with rich dough and dried fruit. There was something satisfying about picking the sugar crystals from the glazed top and crunching each one between my teeth. Then carefully starting to unwind the swirl revealing a layer of sweet cinnamon dusted over soft bread inside. Flavours of warm spice mingle with sweet currents and candied peel as the swirl wraps you up like a blanket. Licking sticky fingers clean I’d mop up every last sugary crumb, a clean plate every time.

But where has she gone? These days you’re more like to see her gaudier sister, Belgian Bun, dripping in white icing and topped with a cherry. The classy Chelsea Bun is a rare sight in bakeries and supermarkets alike. If I happen across her by chance I have to snap up the opportunity to relive those teenage days when carbs didn’t matter. My senses send me back 20 years and she never fails to put a smile on my face.

I’d love to know what bake or cake reminds you of your youth, please share in the comments below. If they are still available treat yourself to a walk down memory cake lane.


The lesser spotted Chelsea Bun (not photographed by myself unfortunately)



NAME : Chelsea Bun

HEIGHT : 3-4cm

WEIGHT : 60-80g

Description: Sticky, golden top with swirls of cinnamon and dried fruit


Morrison’s 3 months ago

Sainsbury’s over 2 years ago

My Secondary School in the 90’s


Tea & Happiness


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