Birthday China

Birthday China

Last weekend I was invited to Afternoon Tea to celebrate the 60th Birthday of my partners Mum. Having been to a few venues for tea and cake I was delighted to find out this would be a home made family affair. Happy to chip in I enlisted the help of my best friend, and master baker to make the staple of any afternoon tea – Scones!


I was a mere sous chef so I can’t take credit for the baked goods which wowed the guests. Golden brown on top with a light crumbly centre. Dowsed with a healthy (or should I say unhealthy) dollop of clotted cream and jam. Just delicious!

The spread was impressive with many of the treats gluten free to cater for my partners sister. I find home made gluten free treats so much tastier than shop brought for some reason. Mini cup cakes of various flavours, canapés and rocky road all made for a satisfying afternoon of grazing.

The whole set up was brought to life with a fantastic array of vintage crockery, mismatched in every colour and pattern with cake stands and serving dishes too. They came from a local company called Vintage Rose China and really completed the whole event.

Friends and family came together, sharing stories over sandwiches. The table a feast for the eyes with each tasty morsel a treat for the tastebuds. Turning another year older can make us all feel as delicate as china but when you are surrounded by those who care you realise that age is but a number…….and a fantastic excuse for cake!



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