Tea Diary: Real Remedies

Tea Diary: Real Remedies

There are some events you see advertised and they call out to you, almost as if it had been handpicked for you. On this occasion it was a journey through the chakras with a locally blended tea to compliment each, could it be more perfect? The evening was hosted by Real Remedies at the Tiki Cafe in Hemel Hempstead. The cafe itself is a stylish, independent coffee shop which holds a variety of events including open mic nights. They have an event room upstairs which is where our tea tasting would take place. Decked out with vintage furniture and retro art work it was an open yet chilled out space.

Our hosts for the evening were James & Vanessa Jacoby, the co-founders of Real Remedies, the passion they have for their business shone through from the outset. Friendly and welcoming with a wealth of knowledge to assist those less familiar with the chakras and their qualities. From my yoga practice I have a basic understanding of where the chakras are but knew little else. I was in for an educational evening as we began our journey through the chakras, one cup at a time.

We have seven principle chakras running up the centre of our bodies, each a unique centre of spiritual power. Linked to emotional and physical well being, blockages in these centres can have a negative impact on the way we feel. If our chakras are unblocked energy can flow freely around our body ensuring good health. With each chakra having its own distinct identity each tea in turn has it’s own distinct flavour to support and relieve the energy flow within us. Let’s make it clear that no medical promises can be made here but the ingredients for each tea are hand picked for their benefits in alleviating issues associated with each body part and aiding over all well being.

We started at our base, the root chakra. This is at the base of your spine, grounding you to the earth and giving you a sense of safety and security. In the jar the fragrance was light and fruity, like summer strawberries. Once brewed it became deep aubergine in colour with a more spicy, cinnamon scent. I enjoyed the fruitiness from the strawberry and elderberry, and the cinnamon gave the grounding warmth. A comforting cup which could easily settle you if anxious, offering vitality when fatigued and perhaps bringing you back to earth when all seems a little out of control.

Next up is the sacral chakra just below the belly button. Our centre of strength it inspires creativity and energy. In contrast to the first this tea was earthy with a hint of citrus, light brown in colour it gave a much sharper flavour. At fist sip I was not convinced, it felt like a pallet cleanser dominant with orange peel and nettle. As my palate adjusted to the tartness of this brew I grew to enjoy it. Although still fruity the citrus edge really gives this one a more stimulating feel, if you were low on energy or perhaps had a project to focus on this would certainly pep you up.

I was already pleasantly surprise that I could easily identify the teas different personalities. The blends are complex but truly tune into different sensations.

We continued on to the Solar Chakra. This is just above the naval and we have moved up to the centre of confidence and will power. It had similar citrus tones to the last but lighter and fresher. An underlying warmth from cinnamon gave it a peppery edge. The lightest in colour of the teas so far it appeared golden in the cup. It felt like powerful brew, packing a punch and awakening the senses. This would be great after an over indulgence as the blend of flavours perked me up yet calmed and settled my stomach. It’s feisty flavour may help inspire you to regain control and take action where its needed.

Half way up we reach our heart chakra, unsurprisingly at our heart. It is central to us feeling balanced and content. Finding peace here can open us up to love and compassion whilst quietening our self critic. Fairly bright in colour it was yellow with a hint of green in the cup. The jar gave a light floral fragrance with a hint of mint. I found it very soft on the palate, gently warming as the fennel and spearmint complimented each other in perfect balance. This was an easy one to drink, smooth and soft it brought about a sense of peace. A cup would give you a window of stillness in the busiest of days, time to compose yourself and persevere.

Next we reach the chakra that represents expression and authenticity, the Throat Chakra. This is one I have an affinity with as if I am struggling to communicate something or my creative expression is stifled I often feel it in my throat. I was interested to experience this tea and how it may alleviate blockages here. Speckled with powder blue corn flowers the blend is aromatic with liquorice and cloves. The flavour not as strong as the scent which was a pleasant surprise. The light catches a slight blue tone in the brew, smooth across the tongue it almost caresses your throat on the way down, perfect if you’re feeling any tension or a sore throat. This soft brew felt very smooth to drink, relaxing and enabling you to express yourself with authenticity.

Throat Chakra Tea

Our penultimate chakra is the 3rd eye, placed on your forehead just between the brows. As we rise up through the chakras we also rise up from the earth. Away from the more grounding centres to the place of intuition and wisdom. This blend is light with a purple edge to it, breathing in a more heady and aromatic scent. Caraway, marshmallow root and star anise work in harmony along with fruity notes that lift your attention up and beyond the 3rd eye. This cup is one to enjoy if you’re lacking concentration and need to reconnect the mind and body.

So finally we reach the heights of the Crown Chakra, right on the top of the head. There is really no limit to this energy centre as it connects you with all that is beyond. The brew is floral with rose petals, rosemary and lavender combining to relax and unite you. The scent is uplifting and the flavour warm with nutmeg. This is a cup to make space for, enjoy it as it swirls around your senses and be as ease.

Each of the blends is a joy to the eye, colourfully speckled with dried fruit and flowers. Flavours that I would not have normally tried where combined in a unique way. I enjoyed the experience of being talked through the chakras and how the ingredients were hand picked to compliment each energy centre. Of course you can enjoy these teas for what they are, naturally delicious, but tuning into your body and sensations of each brew added a new eye opening level to enjoying a cuppa.

Real Remedies also offer tinctures and tonics of their blends to harness the power of nature to aide the body, mind and soul. Put the kettle on and enjoy a different kind of brew, with an inquisitive mind and an open heart you may find the perfect brew for you.

You can learn more about other events and workshops or buy on line at Real Remedies website.

Tiki Cafe, 208 The Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP1 1BH TEL: 01442 240108


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