Mind Surfing

Mind Surfing

via Daily Prompt: Pause

Over recent months I have learnt a valuable lesson in relation to our state of mind…….nothing is permanent.

Your current state of mind will not be the same next month, next week or possibly even in the next hour. Just as it is unlikely your current state of mind is an exact replica of those in the past. This may seem like an obvious concept but too often we find ourselves feeling a certain way, in fear that we will never adapt. Teenagers are pro’s at this, every break up or mistake made is the end of their world and they can’t see beyond it. Although we grow out of this as an extreme it is still a place we can find ourselves visiting. The horizon gets closer as our view of the future narrows, unable to even imagine cracking a smile or laughing with friends.

Or perhaps you are searching for an elusive state of mind believing that once you reach it you can relax as all will be as it should. It’s healthy to strive for something, follow your dreams and set goals but don’t allow this to distort your vision of now. I see so much on social media about happiness; Where to find it, what it looks like, how to get it. But what happens when you get it? Happiness is no more permanent than fear or anger or sadness. It’s simply another emotion that makes up the patch work of you. Of course we’d all like our patch work to be happiness heavy but how do you know your happy if you’ve never been sad?

Try to face your emotions as a surfer faces the ocean. You don’t know what the next wave may bring The only thing we can reply on is that the crest always crashes, dissipating into the next swell. If you can learn how to successfully navigate these waves your state of mind becomes a far less daunting place. Let yourself experience each feeling, acknowledge it and ride it out. This is not a simple task, anyone who has tried surfing will tell you that it’s never an easy ride but it is one that can offer great reward. The process can’t be rushed, you stand up too soon and you’ll have to swim, fight it and you’ll fall. Take your time, pause and just be with your state of mind, remembering that it’s only for now.





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