Tea & Happiness’ Top 5 Teas

Tea & Happiness’ Top 5 Teas


Nearly a year on from starting my blog I have had the pleasure of trying a wide variety of teas from around the globe. Although it is hard to pick a top 5 I have selected some teas that I would consider daily staples as well as something a little different should you wish to challenge your taste buds. So put the kettle on and enjoy………

5) In at 5 is an after dinner favourite Fresh Mint TeaGreat to settle a full tummy and can be enjoyed hot or cold. There are plenty of mint tea bags on the market but there is nothing wrong with simply grabbing some fresh mint from the garden and plunging it into boiling water.


4) Warming your cockles at number 4 is Chilli RooibosThis is blend I found at Kanuka tea house and although it’s an acquired taste it soon becomes addictive. With dried chillis and rose buds in the mix it has floral notes with a sting in the tale. It can be like tea roulette as each cup can vary in spice levels depending how much chilli you scoop up. Great for the metabolism and Rooibos has suburb health benefits as well as being caffeine free! Give it a try if you’re feeling fiery.


3) Bringing balance at number 3 is OolongI have recently discovered how wonderful this tea is for both it’s flavour and it’s healing properties. It’s a beautiful tea to look at, tiny rolled pearls which unfurl in hot water to reveal their natural green leaves. This tea fills the gap between green and black teas so carries many of the properties of both. Don’t be put of by it’s earthy fragrance as it is much lighter on the palette than you’d expect. If you can’t quite handle the bitter quality of green tea but want the same antioxidant power then give Oolong a try.


2) A classy cup of Afternoon Tea is number 2 on my list. Most tea houses will offer an afternoon blend on their menu and the exact blend of leaves will vary from brand to brand. I enjoy a blend from Tealicious which is a subtle blend of Assam & Ceylon. The brew is light and creamy so I find no requirement to add milk but you can to taste. It’s a perfect cup for a summers afternoon with a slice of something sweet. I find this blend satisfying and reliable so it’s worth having in the cupboard for when you feel like adding a little sophistication to your day.


1) So top of the teas is the beautiful and tasty Genmaichaa Japanese breakfast green tea blend. I recently found this little gem at The Camden Tea Shop in London. This is green tea blended with popped rice which gives a toasted warmth to the brew. It looks so pretty, speckled with popcorn and rice grains, and although you can taste the green tea the rice adds a depth of flavour that eliminates any bitterness from the leaves. It’s currently my favourite way to start the day and I highly recommend it for a breakfast cuppa with a difference.


I hope you have enjoyed this run down of my current top 5 teas. I’d love hear what your favourite brew is……who knows perhaps it’ll feature in my next review 🙂

Thank you for reading and happy brewing!


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