About Me

Hi, my name is Sarah and welcome to my blog. I’m 35 years old and I’m a tea and cakeaholic! To counter act this I try to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle by walking my dog,practicing yoga and cooking healthy meals.

IMG_0403I was a very late bloomer when it comes to enjoying tea and cake. Biscuits were always my passion (I’m an avid dunker), the sight of a slice of Victoria sponge just never got my tastebuds tingling. Finally in my late 20’s (I told you i was late!) a carrot cake rocked my world! I’d spent years believing all cakes were a bit bland, a bit dry and generally full of whipped cream, of which I am not the biggest fan. I can’t bring myself to use the M word but my carrot cake saviour was “succulent”, spicy and full bodied, when it’s cream cheese icing passed my lips I was in heaven. What had I been missing all these years???
I have made up for lost time since then and believe there is nothing more comforting that a nice cup of tea and slice of cake.

The ritual of afternoon tea has been around since the early 19th century but it was restricted to the upper classes, dressed in their finest sipping from bone china teacups. Don’t get me wrong a civilised afternoon tea is a treat for special occasions but I’m less about pomp and ceremony and more about sinking into a comfy chair and indulging in a slab of homemade cake to sooth my soul.
I say “homemade” however I do not necessarily mean my home. I can knock up a decent batch of muffins every so often but I am no Mary Berry. Head of my own cake appreciation society I get far more satisfaction consuming cakes baked by others.

This blog is to share my experiences trying small, welcoming, independent tea houses and the goodies they have to offer. All with a side helping of my other passions; photography and holistic well being. Welcome and enjoy!